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ISDS 251021
HR 10009 BOC
DOB 20/03/2000
Died 12/12/2015
HD B1/D1
PRA/CEA neg.



Search & Rescue World Ch. (team & individual)
Agility European Open Winner
Agility World Champion (team)
Croatian Agility Ch.

Cap was Sara's dog. He grew up with her and her older dog, Toto, a bearded collie.

Cap was a versatile working dog with inexhaustible energy and a will for work. Sara with Cap trained agility, search and rescue and obedience, and I worked with him with sheep.

Cap has trained in agility since he was one year of age. He showed himself to be extremely fast, in fact he was always one of the fastest dogs in competition. Cap was not very easy to handle and Sara needed to concentrate 100% of the time during the run. He was running in 3rd degree and one of his greatest successes with Sara was 4th place in the agility run at the World Championship 2004. In 2006 with Alen he won the European Open Championship in Luxembourg, and later the same year he became Team World Champion at AWC in Basel.

Before reaching one year of age, Cap also started to train in search and rescue. He mastered area search perfectly which he proved by winning title of individual and team World champion 2005, in France. In 2007 Cap and Sara passed with excellent mark rubble search test A and B. Cap was a very temperamental and determined rescue dog and you could rely on him to give of his best in finding a person in any conditions and under any circumstances.
To date, Sara and Cap have participated in 4 real SAR actions in the Zagreb area.

In their spare time Cap and Sara trained obedience exercises and tricks since Cap's puppyhood. Cap knew over 25 different tricks, the speed of his performance was leaving everyone who's watching breathless.
Sara and Cap achieved the excellent grades of national, A and A0, obedience tests; in Austria she passed BGH 3 obedience test, and also recently the competitive obedience test (GH 1).
In 2007 Sara and Cap were members of national team, which participated at European obedience championship.

Cap also knew flyball, but because there were no flyball competitions nearby, he trained in that sport very rarely, and only when needed for a certain working dog demonstration.

Cap had a good herding instinct and although he tranied very irregularly (because I do not have my own sheep) he was very keen and was showing progress in his herding skills. He was a natural driver and worked on his feet. He passed the herding test in Austria and had competed on three occasions in 1st class.

Cap also was an actor, he was playing the main role of theatre play "Timbuktu", with Croatian actor Sven Medvesek and directed by Borut Separovic from the Montazstroj performance group.

Cap died on 12 December 2015 at almost 16 years of age.


AGILITY Croatian team member, 3rd degree, EO 2006 Winner, World Ch. 2006 - team
HERDING Basic herding test
OBEDIENCE Companion dog /A0 test, Basic obedience/A test, BGH 3 obedience test, GH 3 competitive obedience test
SEARCH&RESCUE World Champion 2005, RH - FL/A test, RH - FL/B test,
RH - T/A test, RH - T/B test


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